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Tamar Meir, Founder

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As a partner of the CiviCRM community, the resources at my disposal are vast. Personally, armed with an MBA and a Masters of Science in Management Information Systems from Boston University, my nearly 20 years of experience have helped me hone an expertise in strategic business planning, budget and finance management in the private and non-profit sectors. I specialize in optimization of business operations, processes and controls to achieve a direct, positive impact to the bottom line and enable more efficient, higher quality customer and member support. With nearly 5 years of experience supporting end users in daily operations for close to 90 organizations, I have developed a niche expertise and understanding of all things financial with regards to CiviCRM. I am an admitted Excel junkie, and there is nothing I like more than to figure out how to make the numbers make sense! Inherited from the female side of the family is a passion for languages - English is my first mother tongue with Hebrew coming in a close second. I am fluent in Spanish and was at one point fluent in French, but lack of use has rendered me a mute, and I now need 4 hands to speak Italian.